China Set to Implement Broad Security Controls to Block Foreign Gambling Sites

China’s crackdown of ‘illegal’ online gambling sites gained fresh momentum when the government ordered all state-run telecommunications carriers to block VPN operations within 6 months. The government first announced its crackdown on foreign-based online gambling companies with a 14-month timeline. The new date for the VPN block is set for 1 February 2018. Ministries Vehemently Opposed to Online Gambling The Ministry of Industry is determined to stamp out all disordered online activity, to make it increasingly difficult for Chinese citizens to access content that the government deems inappropriate. This includes all internationally licensed gambling sites, social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.), and others. One of the most prominent virtual private network service providers, Green, informed all customers that operations would cease on 1 July 2017. Similar trends are evident at iOS and Android stores across the board. Beijing currently monitors Internet activity for VPN-enabled content. The Chinese government is especially strict about the type of content that it allows citizens to view. Anything that goes contrary to the government’s wishes is blacklisted. Online gambling is one such sector that is frowned upon. Chinese Government Implements Operation Chain Break The Chinese government has centralized control over all online activity, as at

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