Busts in South Africa Indicate the State Is Serious about Online Gambling Laws

Online gambling is illegal in South Africa, and they aren’t the only country in the world where this is the case. However, recent developments seem to indicate they are more serious than most when it comes to imposing online gambling laws, especially with regards to players. A recent police operation saw several players forced to forfeit their R1,250,00 (close to $100,000) in winnings to the state after the authorities have tracked their illegal gambling activities. The seizure was in line with current laws in South Africa, which dictate that the state has the right to appropriate any proceeds from illegal gambling activities. Online gambling falls into that category. Setting the Precedent The recent case was described as unprecedented in the PR from the country’s trade and industry department, but it demonstrates the willingness of the authorities to seriously battle against illicit online gambling activities. It is very uncommon for a country to go after the players, as they usually stick to the service providers (online casinos), but Rob Davies, the Trade and Industry Minister, had previously cautioned players that if they chose to illegally gamble online, they need to be aware their winnings would be subject to the criminal forfeiture,

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